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Welcome, welcome

This community was brought to life through a couple of friends who realized they all were beginning to feel the same feeling in their gut. I personally have had the feeling as if I am standing on the edge of a cliff, waiting to be told "go", so I may jump and see what is below. I cannot explain it any better than that. I have had prophetic dreams in the past, though this is not my only psychic ability. I mention the dreams because lately I've had a reoccuring dream about a certain father and son. This pair means nothing to me in reality (they are people that shopped in a store I used to work in) and I believe they may represent something else. Every night I dream about this pair and I know I've told them something important in my dream, though I can never remember what it is I said. I've also had a reoccuring....theme, you might say, of religion. From movies coming on to random discussions to noticing statues I've looked over previously. Does this mean something? Yes. Do I know what it is? No. And this is the reason I'm writing here in this community. I feel something big is coming and I know others have felt it, too.

Please, respond here or add your own experience. Feel free to explore what you've ignored before. You won't be mocked or ridiculed or told you are crazy because it isn't true. (If anyone wants to mock or flame, they will be kicked out. Period.)

Again, contact pyrplerose or skin_art_junkie if you have any questions and don't be shy...we won't be!
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