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Ok I was in bed last night and all of a sudden was hit with this feeling that something bad was happening RIGHT THEN....or maybe not bad but something intense either way, so intense GOOD or intense BAD....I dunno....but it made me squirm all night and I did not sleep well....and I was wondering if anyone else got it too....or might know something?

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I got hit with a bad feeling last night too. My stomach started to hurt because of it. Also when I was trying to fall asleep last night, my body kept involuntarily trying to have an out of body experience. I wasn't sure if something was trying to pull me out of my body so they could tell me something or if it was just because I was overly tired. But I didn't allow it to happen because I got hit with an enormous sense of fear and as if something was standing behind me every time it happened. *shudder*
Bahh....that sucks....I dunno what it is. If i had tarot cards I would ask them...lol. If I have a chance today I will meditate...maybe if its slow at Work I can meditate huh? :)

I'm sorry you freaked out like that tho.... *hugs* maybe we got hit with the same thing?

Somethings gonna happen....and soon. I know it is.
I feel it's time for a reading so I'll probably do one either tonight or tomorrow.

Yeah, it was weird. I got all the usual signs of an out of body experience without even meditating or trying. This has happened before when I was trying to fall asleep but NOTHING like this.

I think big changes are on the way and that something is going to happen and soon. Personally and otherwise.
Yes something is going to happen....I wish I knew who it would be from or for....or even what it might pertain to.

Maybe I am not supposed to know.

All I know is that its a little creepy being alone in the dark trying to sleep then have a feeling like someone is right htere about to stab you with a reality check...Bahhhh
Yeah, it's very rare that I know who it pertains to. Sometimes I'll get a little hint as to who it may be about but it's rare.

Yeah, having the feeling that someone is standing behind you when you're trying to fall asleep is very creepy. I kept turning around to check and see if anyone was there but of course, no one was. I FINALLY got to sleep amidst my abilities doing strange things.
I know I wish I knew what it pertained to.....I don't have any idea....but i do have a weird feeling so whatever you do please be careful?? Please? I dont want someone I know to get hurt....

so be careful miss Tracey :) I care about ya.

I made Danie come spend the night with me so i wouldn't hav that feeling alone...you know? She also feels like something is about to happen...weird
I'll be careful. I've been extremely watchful ever since these feelings have resurfaced.

Very weird and now Christy is having strange dreams. I'll have to look up my dreams of last night and see if any thing is relevant.