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Real quick then its bedtime...

Tonight at work i got the strangest feeling....I've had this weird feeling before but for some reason it blew at me tonight full force and I was all of sudden flooded with this feeling of DREAD and the hairs on my arms and neck just started sticking up...goosebumps...and the inability to sit STILL...I just kept walking around finding little things to do b/c it gave me this energy as well (And i've gone so long without sleep WHAT the hell ....this sudden...energy??) yet I was still "dead to the world"....but then the feeling subsided so quickly i could have sworn i was just imagining things.....I do not think it has to do with my grandpa...this was too sudden and felt like the feeling i HAVE been having for some time now....just full force...like "funny feeling Amplified...."

Weird. I hope I dont get it like that again, it was really weird and trying to explain to customers?? eesh.
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Yeah, this is the feeling I'm having. An overwhelming sense of dread. That is also the collective/global emotion that I'm feeling. You may have been feeling what others were feeling around you. Hell, I sometimes even feel this shit in my sleep, when I'm in that area between wakefulness and sleep.
yeah i hate it....its like i am on edge ready to run...weird. dammit we just ALL need to get together and meditate or something and get this out in the open b/c it will drive me crazy if i keep getting hints and stuff and feeligns not knowing what they mean totally...yanno?

Yep, I know. I'm not sure how we'd do it though. I'm sure we'd fine a way. I STILL have the urge to gather us all in one place and just stay there.
it sounds like you are scared for us or something...as a whole...do you think something might happen? To us I mean?

I would just love for us to get together and do a meditation thing...but i dont know how we would pull it off...
I don't think so, I just get little strange urges once in a while and that's one of them. Maybe an intuitive urge? I have no idea.
yeah..an intuitive urge sounds good.

i'm so numb the past few days i haven't felt much....its there i'm just choosing to ignore it for a minute until i get my physical health of SLEEP back on track...so i can sort stuff out.
Yeah, I think that's what's blocked it for me as well, though I'm not entirely sure. I'm dealing with all my health issues right now and when I'm dealing with personal stuff, premonitions and the like tend to get blocked for a bit. I can NEVER say for sure what blocks it. Intuition, premonitions and empathy are so tempremental.